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Old School New Body Review

Aging is a natural biological process, and it’s inevitable and part of life, you are born and are bound to grow old with each passing moment.And by the time you hit the big 40 mark its picks up pace irrelevant of your gender. It’s a fact, and you can look around yourself for the examples […]

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Yoga for Breast Cancer

One of the most disappointing news that one can come across is that she has been diagnosed with cancer and without a doubt, this becomes the most challenging phase of life.Leave the physical condition apart this disease can have severe impacts on your mind to as it creates a stressful environment around you.And if this […]

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How to Control Hypertension

While a regular visit to your doctor you may have heard the word hypertension a few times, but you may not have understood it completely. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure and to understand it first of all you need to know what blood pressure is.Well, it is the force with which is […]

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Yoga for Weight Loss

The discussion on the fact that whether “yoga can help you lose weight or not” have been going for quite some time.People seem to have divided opinion on this as there are a group of individuals who believe that Yoga is a highly effective way to shed weight without much hassle whereas.On the other hand, […]

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